Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Outsourcing" Models

In speaking about Hyderabad work life, it's interesting that jobs here consist of two categories according to local workers. There are BPO, business position outsource, and KPO, knowledge position outsource, jobs.

BPO jobs are those that people in the US would typically think of as "outsourced jobs," as they're lower-end jobs that have moved downmarket to where a labor supply us cheaper than in the United States. These jobs are not as highly sought after as KPO jobs, and are typically open to those with a high school degree.

KPO jobs, in contrast, are knowledge specific, and do require specialization. These jobs are akin to financial overnighting (HSBC) in which CPA-level accountants and analysts do research around the clock for bankers in NYC. While some jobs in Hyderabad do bridge the BPO-KPO gap, with BPO positions evolving into more KPO roles, these two are fairly dichotomous and distinct. Highly qualified individuals with MBAs or BBAs may opt for an international post as opposed to a local KPO. These were the thoughts and tinkerings from a conversation that I had with an Indian girl who's worked here for about 5 years.

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nanderson said...

Interesting. So are most of the folks working in AdWords in Indian considered KPO? Scott, glad to see you're using Analytics on the new blog!